When someone we love dies the last thing that we may want to do is to plan their funeral.  But a funeral is often a very important part of the process of saying goodbye and starting to grieve our loss.

At St. George's we have a number of people who are experienced at sitting with families and individuals; listening and taking your words and putting them into a funeral service.  We work within a Christian framework believing that death can not separate us from the love of God: that there is hope of eternal life.  We recognise that you may not share this faith: you are still able to have a service in St. George's Church should you choose.

We take funeral services in St. George's Church, and are also available to take services at the local Crematorium.  Often we are contacted by Funeral Directors who are seeking to make arrangements for you.  Just let them know you are interested in having a funeral at St. George's Church or a funeral service taken by one of the team at St. George's, and they will get in touch with us. (See Contact Us)