Partnership with Harbour Church

We are so excited about our partnership with Harbour Church, Portsmouth.  In September 2018 they moved their Sunday morning service to our beautiful historic building, and we are partnering with them to create two distinct services in different styles.

We now have two Sunday morning services:

9.30AM: A Eucharist service with hymns and coffee afterwards.  This is a quiet and meditative time, allowing lots of space to rest and pray.  This service will feel familiar to the existing congregation of St George’s.

10.30AM: A lively service with children’s groups for ages 0-15.  We start with freshly ground coffee and pastries.  This will feel similar to the old 10am Harbour Church service.

Those who previously attended the 10am Harbour Church service at Commercial Road will be used to a large, friendly congregation, joining in a lively style of service and finding plenty of opportunities for children to engage with God in ways that are relevant to them.  We know this is important to members of Harbour Church and we plan to keep many of these things the same in this new location.

Those who previously attended the 10am service at St George’s Portsea will be used to a smaller, welcoming congregation with a more traditional style of service, focussed on the Eucharist and giving space for each individual to connect with God in their own way.  We are also a member of Inclusive Church and plan to remain so.  All of these things are important to members of St George’s and will be staying the same even though the service time has moved.